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Kristopher Cline

Director of Operations

October 9, 2015

Originally from West Texas, Kris has lived in Houston for most of his adult life. With eight years in reimbursements, human resources, and operations, Kris is our “go-to guy.” If you have a problem, and you’re not sure whom to call to fix it, Kris is your man. First and foremost, Kris is a devoted husband and father and providing for his family is his passion (along with the Houston Texans and Houston Rockets). Prior to his years with Enhanced Revenue Solutions, he proudly served as U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Assaultman and, in 2004, was deployed to Ar Ramadi, Iraq, in support of Operation Freedom II. All of this is to say that service of any and all kinds is what to expect from Kris.

Contact Kris:

phone: 281.943.2800
fax: 866.900.6098
toll free: 1.877.943.2823

“My goal is to build employee confidence by establishing routines, setting realistic, yet difficult goals and expectations, and moving past failures in order to bring about the continued success of Enhanced Revenue Solutions.”

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