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In today’s complex, often confusing world of medical billing, it’s no secret that compliance is the key to getting paid. At Enhanced Revenue Solutions, we specialize in compliance, offering you customized solutions that fit your needs, not everyone else’s.

Billing and Accounts Receivable Management: Our billing and accounts receivable management program saves time and increases revenue by submitting all claims and charges on your behalf in a timely and accurate manner.

Collections Activities: Our physician liaisons follow up on claims daily, until you are paid the maximum and contractually agreed upon payment for services rendered.

Insurance and Third-Party Payers: We handle all necessary interactions between insurance companies and other third parties to guarantee timely and maximum payment.

Procedure and Diagnosis Coding Consulting: Our consulting services educate your support staff on the myriad procedure and diagnosis codes available, resulting in accurate claim submission and greater likelihood of maximum pay out.

Federal and State Regulations Compliance (Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation): Compliance is key to the continuing success of any medical practice. Our physician liaisons work to ensure that the claims we submit meet all federal and state regulations to ensure timely and maximum payments.

Are you capturing all of
your charges and getting paid?

Let us analyze your data to solve your organization’s toughest challenges and uncover solutions that address all of your revenue cycle problems. Request a Health Check, using the past 6-12 months of your data and evaluate it for financial efficiency based on payer rates. You can customize the evaluation as needed and can be based on individual provider, procedure, service line, facility, and more. Explore your own data to make better and faster decisions.

Optimize your RCM Workflow with our Technology and Experienced Specialists

Reduce days in A/R. Increase collections. Decrease denials. Let us help you ensure you're capturing all of your charges and are getting paid.

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