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Enhanced Revenue Solutions by Infinx aligned with a large cardiology clinic in Central Texas after they could not meet their corporate cash flow goals. ERS was engaged by the Clinic to improve its overall cash flow and bring A/R in line with corporate expectations.

ERS performed an in-depth analysis of their entire revenue cycle. The initial phases of the project proved to be highly successful. They partnered with the Clinic to manage their ongoing RCM process from prior authorization through the final claims denial procedure. Incrementally, the Clinic continued to experience improvements in their bottom- line and improve their A/R days outstanding percentages.

Download our Case Study to learn how we:

  • Improved the Clinic’s quarterly collections by over $1M
  • Raised their Medicare Modeled Collections Rate by 10% in the first quarter
  • Collected 63% of denied claims that were 120 days or older

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